Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Swatcher ~ W7 Metallic Collections Nail polish ~ Neptune!

Hey there,

Just a quick swatch of one of my favourite W7 polishes I own! It is from the W7 Metallic collections! I got this in a box of 5 so at some point I will post swatches of the rest!

One annoying thing about this box set is that the nail polishes had no name!! So I kinda had to research and find out the names of the nail polishes! With out further adoooooo here my favourite out of the 5!

Neptune! (2 thin coats!)

LOVE IT!! Such a deep blue and blacky kinda colour with sparkly bits in it!! And it just shines so perfectly in the light!! 

The polish applied perfectly on my nails and evenly and it is only two coats is just perfect!

Do you have any favourite W7 polishes??

Bye for now :D



  1. I think it have this polish! It's from the planet collection and its called Neptune! Check out some swatches and see if it is :)

    Jazz x

  2. This is a beautiful colour, W7 do come up with some gorgeous polishes x

  3. Omg I love bluey sparkle! <3


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