Thursday, 14 March 2013

Ask A British Nail Blogger - Nail Care Routine?

Hey all!

Today's post is all about my nail care routine (which is not much really!)

Here is everything I use to take care of my nails!

I first start by washing my hands, then I take the rough nail file (with the girl on!) and even out my nail shape, then I use the glass file and use it to smooth out the free edge. Then I use the buffer to smooth out my nail bed! Sometimes when my nails are super long first I cut them then I file :)

The plier looking thin at the top I use to just clip off any peeling skin because I will bloody end up pulling at it and causing an ouchie!

Then I like to use some cuticle remover and push back my cuticles GENTLY, then ill add some alcohol oil thingy!

Wash my hands after all that, then I use LUSH - Lemony Flutter...omg that stuff is amazing! I have the tester size because I just wanted to try before I buy and damn im gonna buy that! 

Lastly, cream my hands and I'm all done! yay :)

I dont usually take hours because I really dont have the patience!

Thanks for reading ladies (and men)!

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Bye for now!



  1. I have the revlon nail things step 2 and 3, always wondered what 4 was lol! :)

    1. HAH! I've always wondered what 1 & 2 are! cant find them anywhere!

    2. I found 2 and 3 in poundland but couldnt find the other ones anywhere. Step 2 is a gentle cuticle remover :)

    3. Sorry I was meant to say step 3 is a 'nail growth treatment' not sure if it actually does anything. It's very waterlike.

  2. Haha, it's more of a routine than mine!! I just use oil every night and hand cream and file if I get a jagged edge :) x

    1. Atleast you do it every night! I barely do my routine! lucky if I get round to it once a week :P x


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