Friday, 5 April 2013

Swatcher ~ O.P.I - Her Majesty's Secret Service + Glequins!


How are you all doing?

Remember a few weeks back I did a post on money saving ideas? well if you don's HERE is the post!

I was one of the first 50 entrants and I received a gift box which included Ciate sequin manicure thingy and one O.P.I nail polish from the 007 bond collection (I think). I was soooo happy I got an O.P.I nail polish sine they're just so over priced!

Here is a swatch of the shade I got which is such a lovely shade of grey with gold, pink and light blue speckles! 

My swatch shows four thin layers :)

Unfocused to show the lovely speckles!

I decided to snazz this swatch up by adding some glequins from the Ciate kit and I have to say I effing hate glequins...why? because I managed to spill the pot on myself and get it stuck to every effing thing possible! FUUUU! Washed my hands 10x to get rid of the stupid glitter bits!

Here is the manicure I did :)

What do you think? I actually love how this turned out and I really don't want to take off ever!!

Thanks for reading this picture heavy post! 

Bye for now!



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