Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Satin Skittle!

Hey girls,

Again I've gone out and bought some more nail polish from my favorite drugstore brand which is NYC....just a side note, my mother doesn't like nail polish so every time I go home with some I get an ear full..quite annoying since I love it and I love my blog...would adore some support from her *sad rant over*

Anyways, I realised in my stash I don't own any Satin finish nail polish and I invested in some :D I bought a red, purple and a gold! I shall do a swatch post soon but first I'll show you all the random skittle mani I did with them!

Here It is!

Picture quality is terrible today, sorry guys!

If you cant tell, on my index I have random dots. on my middle and ring I have done roses. My pinky is leopard print :)

I like how this randomness turned out, what do y'all thinkies?!

In other news, I had a bet with my Mr Dork and now I have to do American flag nails (since he is 'Mercian!) sighh...on my toes too! I am not looking forward to this :P I'm gonna put it off for as long as possible...if you're reading this love...MUAHAHA this battle isn't over I will get you to paint your nails!!

Thanks for reading guys :)

Bye for now!



  1. Soo pretty Nada!! I love the new colours! No one really understands my love for polish either but at least us bloggers do :) xx

    1. Thank you! I know right nail polish is a beautiful addiction ;) xx

  2. My Mum tells me off EVERY time I get new polishes, I've stopped telling her unless I have to! Love this colour combination, my fave is your ring finger, it's so pretty!

    1. I cant hide it from mine! aww thank you :) I do like my ring too, came out good! x

  3. That red will go good for the stripes on the American flag ;-) just an FYI! Whoooo tosies! Lol

    And those colours on your nails looks like stained glass to me :-) pretty

    1. HAHA! I'll do it soon promise! I agree they do look like stained glass :)


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