Thursday, 18 April 2013

Swatcher ~ NYC - Pastel colours!

Hey Girls,

Today I have swatches of the three NYC nail polishes I will be giving away for hitting 100 followers! 

Go and enter HERE!

I love these pastel colours so much that I had to buy all three again to give away  to you all :D

First up is Spring Tulip, a lovely pastel pink...I'm not a fan of pink but I love this shade!

Sho Luffly :D

Next up is Raindrop, a lovely pastel blue...I know Mr Dork would love this colour (I'll paint his nails with it!!)

New nail shape :D

Lastly, I have Blue me this is like a mint green so it boggles me that the name has blue in it! 

Bit of a mess on pinky!
This is my favorite of course because its kinda green! :D

I cant wait to choose the winner so they can enjoy these shades!

Overall, I love the brand NYC because it is affordable and they offer a great quality. These are all two coats and both dried so quickly!!

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!



  1. So pretty Nada! I love the coral coloured one xx

  2. I saw the blue and green in Superdrug the other day and I was confused about the names. I think they have them mixed up. The green name would suit the blue, and vice versa.

    1. I'm confused too! I agree...ah well in my head one is green and the other is blue :)

  3. I like the last nail colour.


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