Friday, 10 May 2013

A Fairy Teal'd Stripe!


I've had this lovely teal colour by Sally Hansen for a while now, I think its called "A Fairy Teal" I lost the sticker! soooo I put it onto my nails the other day and realized how beautiful it is! Such a lovely colour that I will do a swatch of it soon!

To snazz up the colour I asked my friend Kristina is she had any ideas what I could do on top of it and she said that it would look nice with white stripes. Pretty simple and do-able on a lazy day!

After I did it I was sat staring at my nails thinking "this reminds me of something...hmmmm....AH! The boy in the striped pajamas!!" Both combinations reminded me of the movie and the book :)

Here it is!

I did the stripes free hand even though I remembered I have a white striper....I am really forgetful!

What do you think?

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!



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