Friday, 3 May 2013

Loosing A Bet - American Flag Nails!

Hey girls,

Recently I lost a bet with Mr Dork and I had to paint my nails with the American Flag....luckily Its not something hard, challenging or embarrassing :P

Bleh...I have to do my toes as well, but for now I don't plan on doing them due to twisting my ankle :( I may use this as an excuse to never paint my toes hahaha!

I followed a tutorial by Lisa from Nail Art 101 thank goodness for her easy design!

Here it is!

I did dots for the starts because it would be practically impossible for me to do stars in such a small space!

I hope you're happy Hun :P

What do you think??

Thanks for reading!

Bye for nows!



  1. Love it! USA! USA! Lol :-) thanks hun

  2. Haha!! I did wonder why you were doing a US flag!! it looks great though :D x


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