Saturday, 5 October 2013

Swatcher - NYC Smokey Topcoat - Greenday!

Hello lovelies!

Whatcha all up to this Saturday?! I'm working on a new crochet project which I'm gonna keep a secret for now, when its done I'll do some nail art to match it! So keep your eyes peeled!

Today I have for you all a swatch of NYC Smokey Topcoat - Greenday. Firstly, I didn't even know this existed!! I went into superdrug to just have a look and just go "I wish I had money to spend on nail polish!" lol then I saw this beauty along with a gold topcoat on the shelf! I was like oh hell, I have to buy this! Picked it up and went to the till. I had no spare change, Nooooooo :( So I asked how many points I had on my Superdrug card and wow, I had enough!

(I'm not cheap, I spend about £150 a month on travel from my student loan which isn't enough to spend carelessly!)

My thoughts on this polish is that it is amazing, I knew it would be similar to the Smokey Muse I swatch a few months back HERE. It has amazing green hex glitters along with some duochrome little glitters which shine blue, green, gold and purple in the light from what I can see! They are all suspended in a black gelly :) My swatch is one thin coat and one thick coat which both dried averagely. This is definitely my favourite polish to date!

Here it is!

What do you guys think of this polish? :)

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!



  1. Oh this is a beauty! I love it <3
    Can't wait to see what you crochet! I've finally had a chance to sit down and relax in my new flat this weekend :) xx

    1. Thanks so much Char :) Glad to see you back! It'll be posted soon :D realxing is always the best! xx


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