Saturday, 19 October 2013

Swatcher - NYC - Top of the Gold!

Hey all,

It' Saturday (Stating the flippin obvious!) I've done nothing at all today, just been eating and depressed. Potato.

Remember the phase with gold top coat? paying up to £50 for that stuff! Well, I really wanted to try it, see what its it like gold dust on my nails?! 

I bought a really inexpensive version of it, recently released by NYC  and its called Top of the Gold. Well...It's amazing! I love it! With only one brush stroke I can get full coverage of the stuff, I have to really be careful how much is on the brush! It's like an overdose of gold!

Dries really fast and perfectly smooth! Only down side is that the removal is a pain it the ARSE! It's like glitter!

Well, here are the swatches over Barry M's - Caramel

What do you guys think of this inexpensive alternative?

Thanks for reading

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  1. I love both of these - is Barry M Caramel one of the new Mattes? I think I'm going to have to pick both up!

    1. OooOOo I love your blog :D Yes its one of the new mattes! It's really beautiful :) yaaay! do it !!!

  2. Really pretty! love how delicate it looks with the base you've used xx


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