Monday, 25 February 2013

1 Year Blog-Anniversary!


It's been a year today since I started my blog! A year since I've stopped biting my nails raw (EW!) and a year for me to accumulate over 200 bottles of nail!

Now I decided to do a freehand design using the new Barry M textured nail polish which I effing adore! The damn thing feels so nice to bloody touch and I could stop rubbing my nails like a lil nail pervert MUAHAHAHA!

I've seen this bumble bee design somewhere but I cant remember where! So its not my idea originally but the accent nail flower is :)

Here art thou pics!

I really LOVE the texture of the nail polish and I think I will most definitely buy the other two colours! One downside....Bloody hard to remove! Its like removing glitter nail polish! 

I am so happy I've kept to my blog for a year now! And I hope soon enough I'll end up writing my "50th blog-anniversary!" HAHA!

Thanks for reading!

Bye for nows!



  1. Congrats Nadaaa! Can't wait to see all your new designs for this year! ;) p.s. i think if you did a whole hand like the accent nail flower you did it would look very nice :) xox

    1. Mehrnaz!! Merci vaseye comment <3 Azizam!! I will totally do the suggested idea! love you <3

  2. Yayyyyyyyy! Happy anniversary hun <3

  3. Happy anniversary!! I love this manicure, cute bee :D x


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