Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Grassy Flowers!

Hey guys!

I got a comment on my previous post (HERE) from a friend of mine and she suggested that I do the accent flower nail on all my nails! Therefore, that's exactly what I did!

Here are the pictures!

I loveeeeeeee the textured effects from Barry M and I love using it as a base and it feels so nice to touch!!

Today I got an email from Lucy who works for She asked me to enter a competition she is running where tips and tutorials are given to save money but still have great nail art!

Here are a few of the tips I have learnt from YouTube videos and online searches!

1. If you don't have a dotting tool you can use a tooth pick, end of a needle or hair pin! and it works in exactly the same way! I used the end of a hair pin to achieve the flower petals on my nails!

2. To achieve a textured look on your nails without buying expensive textures nail polish you can paint a thick layer of polish and wait for it to half dry and dab on lightly with kitchen tissue! Same effect!

3. Recently there has been a craze over O.P.I Spotted polish and from CutePolish's tutorial I found an easy and cheap way to get the same effect!  link here

4. To get easy nail decals you can grab a plastic wallet and your nail polish and draw your design on it, wait for it to dry and voilĂ   peel it off and place it on your nail! easy and simple!

Those are just a few simple tips to save money while trying to create a great manicure!

This Post is my entry for the Money Smart Nail Art competition! 

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!



  1. Pretty!! bring on spring :)
    Love the new layout too :P

  2. Thank you! And thanks to you for help with the new layout :D xx


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