Friday, 16 March 2012

Haul And Swatch!

Hey there,

So today I've decided to do a little haul and swatch of a few purchases made this week!

On Monday I received my nail art brushes, I ordered from eBay! Along with a a set of 'Green Addicts Collection' by KLEANCOLOR

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Here's a little swatch of the 5 different shades of green I got in this set:

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I really like the colours in this set they are great and of course I am addicted to green so I definitely love this collection!

The collection contains a glittery top coat called 'Starry meteor' and After I painted on the green I added the top coat to see the effect I would get!
Here it is!

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I really like the colours with the top coat it makes the greens look all lovely and gives it another dimension!!

Okay, last haul is a present from my mother! She was visiting a beauty salon shop and bought me a few necessities!
These included:

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The first thing she got me is Nail Enamel Dryer which actually works, I paint on a layer of polish then spray this about 4inches away from my nails and BAM! 30 seconds later my nail is dry! I really love it! also this contains cuticle moisturiser which is great!
The second thing she got me as you can see is polish thinner. This stuff really reeks!! It made me faint and retch with its awful smell so I GREATLY advise you use this product by a window in a well ventilated room! Other than that it does work a miracle! It made all my gloopy nail polishes all shiny and a thinner consistency! which is ideal for me!!

Overall I am very happy with all the purchases made this week!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post!

See you!


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