Saturday, 3 March 2012

How To Take Care Of The Choosen Ones!

Hello there!

Sooo the topic for today's blog post is...NAIL CARE!
- The main tips to having beautiful nails are NEVER (EVER) use them to pick, peel or pull things! doing this will most certainly cause them to thin out and break, even worse...chip (NO!)
- Whenever doing the dishes or doing activities that will have those beauty's in water for a long period of time, try to wear gloves as the keratin in your nails will separate causing your nails to start peeling and we don't want that!
- Make sure you moisturise your hands using nail and hand creams so that your nails beds will build themselves to become harder and stronger! (and give you soft beautiful hands!)

Right then, have any of you got dry and crusty cuticles? I certainly do, if I'm honest I hate it, it makes my nails look so ugly!
Here are a few tips to make sure you have healthy looking cuticles, which you must follow!!! (I order you! or else...*BOOM*)
- Firstly, avoid CUTTING your cuticles this will make your nails susceptible to infection and makes them look ill, which is not a great look.
- To keep your cuticles shorter, soak your fingers in warm water and gently push back your cuticles using a cuticle pusher or an orange stick.
- Make sure you use hand and nail cream after your cuticle treatment to make them stronger and to avoid regrowth of the crusty dead skin!

I'm not an expert in filing my nails, they are in a right state so I just lightly file around the tips so that I don't ruin the natural shape of my nails.
There are 5 main nail shapes:
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My nails are...SQUOVAL! I prefer this shape as its both square and round (DUH!) which means I wont scratch myself as worse than having only square nails!
As for the pointed nail style wow only the GAGA would do that...!!
If you want to fie your nails make sure that they are:
- you don't want your nails to break because when your nails are wet they will be bendy and easily breakable.
- Also make sure your nails are clean.
Right then, before you file your nails make sure you apply a little moisturiser, then hold your nail file at a 45 degree angle and file lightly. You will be so surprised as to how much filing lightly will change your nail shape, never make the mistake I made by filing harshly and having a weird looking nail! Also make sure you file from the outside in and NEVER in a sawing motion.
After filing your nails make sure you give your hands a little wash and moisturise them, they will feel rough but the next day they will feel smooth!

Thank you for reading and happy nail care! (makes no sense I know!)


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