Friday, 16 March 2012

The Many Nails Of This Week!

Hey there!

So this week I came up with many random nail designs!
They are not that amazing but they are still something!!

So here's the first design 12/03/12 (Monday)


I really liked these colours! very spring but the little flower using a konad template is not very nice I think, I could have maybe used a different colour. But doing this at 1am in the morning, I couldnt be bothered!!

Second design 13/03/12 (Tuesday)


I actually really love this design! Really elegant and fun! super summery! and very simple to do, everyone can do this design! Its also ideal for a day out with friends!

Third design 14/03/12 (Wednesday)

I've seen this manicure around the internet on many nail bloggers blogs, and I thought I would give it a go! I think the design came out alright, but my hands were wobbly so the silver lines are not "perfect"

Fourth design 15/03/12 (Thursday)

So I decided to experiment with my nail art brushes and do a flick kind of design, however, I think I got the colour combos wrong! and the dots I did with the dotting tool are more than needed so the design looks a bit weird!

Sadly  (with great regret) I do not have a friday design as I had an interview today!

Thanks for reading!



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