Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Random Acts Of Greenyness!


Today I have a pretty random manicure I just did...been so cold lately and my fingers and toes are freezing all the time! Which basically means whenever I paint my nails the polish dries quicker! 

So as you all know I am a massive fan of the colour GREEN...!! And what better than a green manicure with green glitter and animal print!?!?!

Here it is!

I LOVE this design so I had to take include 5 pictures...even though the quality is utter shit!

I kept this manicure for about 3 days (without topcoat..I ran out!) and no chipping, which is a first!

Since this is a random post of greenyness I have another act of randomness from my Mr Dork...he found a blue snail...yes...A BLUE SNAIL!! For me this is the first time i've seen a blue snail and its totally COOOOL!!

Oh and his name is George :)

OMG! soooo cool!

Hope you enjoyed todays post :)

Bye for now!



  1. Love the mani and George is pretty cool too lol :)

  2. Seriously? Snails come in blue? Cool. And your nails are great too!

  3. Cute mani! I love how it matches your blog :D
    And I had no idea blue snails existed either! crazy! x

    1. Thanks! I didnt even notice that it does :D!

  4. Woohoo blue snail! I didn't even notice he was blue at first! She made me take a second look :-)

    and very cute nails! <3

  5. I like how you often alternate two different designs, should try that.. :)


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