Monday, 23 September 2013

33DC #CrumpetsNailTarts - Dots!

Hey Ladies!

As you all know the 31 day challenge is going on, paint your nails everyday according to the themes! I could never keep up with that so I've joined Debbie Crumpets more laid back version called the 33 day challenge :) So you'll be getting a post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a different theme!

Today's first theme is dots! Everyone loves dots and they are so easy to achieve! :)

Inspired by the blanket I'm crocheting I did the different colours on my nails making it look like an ombre effect then alternated the dots! :)

What do you guys think of my blanket? :D lol! And my complicated nails! lol!

Thanks for reading!

Check out the other Dot manis! :D



  1. omg, this is the perfect autumn colour combination, i love how they match your scarf!



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