Saturday, 14 September 2013

Inspired By Birdie Necklace!

Hey Lovelies :)

Yesterday, I went out with my bestfriend, Mehrnaz! We went for a coffee at Costa! I had one of their new drinks, which Mehrnaz recommended the orange mocha or something along those lines and a toastie sammich! Then we went for Bubble tea a few hours later and omg I love bubble tea :D All in all I had an amazing time with her and I am so glad I have a great friend like her :) 

Whenever I see Mehrnaz she always gives me lovely presents! For my birthday she got me a really lovely necklace and a super colourful headscarf which I love! And some little souvenirs from Iran and Istanbul :) 

So, today's post is a (crappy!) nail art attempt inspired by the necklace she gave me! The necklace is just so lovely! Its a bird (I don't know what kind, so if you do tell me!) and just looks so lovely, I absolutely love it!

Here it is!

I tried to draw the entire bird on my nail but FAIL! :D What do you think of my attempt so far?

Thank you for reading!

Bye for now!



  1. I think your nail art is gorgeous! Its so cute and the colors are amazing!

  2. its cute! a good mani :) and I like your necklace :)

  3. Thats a nice necklace! I love the gold owl thingie she got ya! Pretty nails! Love the colours! I wonder what the full bird looked like ;-)


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